High Temperature PTFE Flanges Sleeve Shoulder Bushing



Nylon has good mechanical properties,high abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, It is widely used in wear-resisting parts of mechanical equipment.Replace metal materials such as copper and alloy to make wear-resistant transmission parts.
Suitable for household electrical appliances,Automobile parts,Chemical machinery parts,Food machinery parts,aerospace,Iron and steel sector,Engineering machinery parts.

Our Advantage

High temperature resistant
Shock resistance
Health non-toxic
Corrosion resistance
High resistance to wear
Self lubricating
All kinds of size,head type material are available


No Item Unit MC
1 density G/CM3 1.15
2 Hardness Rocwell R120
3 Tensile strength Mpa 82
4 elongation % 36
5 Modulus of elasticity (compression) Mpa 2.8
6 The bending strength Mpa 116
7 The compression strength MPa 112
8 The impact strength Kg-cm/cm 3.5
9 Bibulous rate % 1
10 Crystallinity % 50
11 Coefficient of friction (for steel) 10-4/C 0.32
12 Dielectric constant 1000Hertz 3.4